In a recent development Times Internet has acquired Get Me A Shop (GMAS), which helps Small/Medium businesses set up online store fronts. The monetary value of the acquisition is not known yet. Founded in 2014, Get Me A Shop (GMAS) has so far worked with around 1,800 businesses, and helps SMBs create their own websites and mobile apps and manage them without any technical know-how.

GMAS will also pave way for these merchants to advertise to customers locally.  GMAS said it will continue to operate as a startup and its current set of customers will not be affected. Pushkal Srivastava, founder of GMAS said in a statement:

“In the past couple of years, we have helped hundreds of customers across multiple verticals, bringing them online and helping them grow. With Times Internet, we hope to reach scale with the extensive network of businesses they work with…..We have a very exciting product roadmap to march ahead in our mission to empower SMBs — the journey has just begun,” - get me a shop

Commenting on this development, Abhishek Gupta, head of TLabs, the incubation arm of Times Internet, said:

“We have been observing the growth of this business since they were part of fourth batch of TLabs. We see a lot of synergies with the businesses within TIL and GMAS,”

GMAS develops platforms and solutions and provides an easy and affordable way for people to sell their products online, through internet and mobile platform as means of customer connection and marketing channel. They use user friendly and lucid technology, making it accessible to those retailers, manufacturers among others, who want to establish and manage online stores. GMAS helps its customers establish online store-fronts or website quickly at low cost,  Maintain IT infrastructure and keep track of the progress they make, Manage transactions in an efficient and secure way, Provide integrated payment, logistics and customer acquisition solution.

“Get Me a Shop is a full-stack platform that enables merchants across all segments participate in the ecommerce revolution in India, and we are very excited about the work the founding team has put in,” said Miten Sampat, vice president of corporate development at Times Internet.

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