Uber, the biggest car aggregator has enhanced its reach a bit further in India. With an addition of 4 more cities to its kitty, Uber has already covered 26 towns in India. Uber has expanded operations in four more cities of Ajmer, Jodhpur Udaipur and Mangalore, taking the total to 26 towns in the country.


Uber has been in talks with Rajasthan government and signed an MoU with the government in November, which states that the conpamy would help provide 35,000 new entrepreneurship opportunities in the state. The launch of operations comes after the signing of the MoU. Uber has also promised the government of the state that it would contribute to technology-related skills training and smart city initiatives and a commitment to launch its ride-sharing service in the state.

Coming to Karnataka, Managalore will be the third city in the state where Uber has launched its operations.

Uber’s GM(North), Gagan Bhatia said,

“Since our launch in Jaipur in August 2014, we’ve got great feedback and support from our riders, with a growing demand in other cities… we are looking forward to mobilize the skilled labour market by providing thousands of entrepreneurship opportunities on our platform,”

This is a very important step that the organisation has taken in order to make its foothold stronger in the country. It might be the time for other competitors to work on their startegies, however, in the meantime the commuters can take advantage of the opportunoty provided by Uber.

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