Where cab booking platforms are considered, Uber surely is ruling the roost. This growing uberisation is not going well with the other cab providers. Keeping in view this trend four of the world’s largest taxi-hailing apps- India based Ola,China based Didi Kuaidi, US-based Lyft and Malaysia’s GrabTaxi have entered into a partnership which allows the passengers to book rides on any of these four services using just one app.


For instance, if a traveler who is from India and uses Ola app goes to China, he or she can use the same ola app on their phone to book DiDi Kuaidi in China. In a response DiDi Kuaidi CEO Cheng Wei said,

“This will be a win for the diversity and vitality of the global ridesharing industry,”

Ola, Didi Kuaidi, and Grab-Taxi are all backed by SoftBank, while Lyft has received funding from Alibaba, which counts SoftBank as an early investor.

The joint partner products will come outin the market in Q1 of 2016 and each country will handle mapping, routing and payments through a secure system across countries. All the four companies will collaborate and share technology, local market know-how and business resources so that travelers can access local on-demand rides by using the same app they use in their home country.

In this entire development we are sure that the customers will come out as the real winners. More and more businesses should take a lead from this development and try to include such options in their offerings as well.


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