Online gifting platform has acquired Actizone, a startup focused around discovery and booking of kids related activities. As part of the deal, Actizone’s founder Rajat Varma is joining Nreach to lead the sales and business development in Western India market.

This acquisition will benefit the company with the experience of sales, strategy and vendor management that Rajat Varma, will bring to the Giftxoxo team.


Actizone was founded in 2015 by Rajat Varma and Bhavin Barbhaya. It is an online marketplace for Extracurricular Activity Classes. It is a platform that helps parents to discover and book enriching classes & activities for their children in their neighborhood by providing comprehensive information.

Giftxoxo, which started in April 2012 by Sumit Khandelwal, Manoj Agarwal, Abhishek Kumar and Kushal Agrawal, had raised an undisclosed amount in angel funding from Mumbai-based Kshatriya Ventures in 2013.

The company’s efforts have been directed towards providing experiences across various categories including gourmet, adventure, tours & getaways, health & wellness, arts & learning and philanthropy. These experiences and activities can be booked from the location based mobile app Frogo or gifted via the website

Last year, Giftxoxo had acqui-hired Yipeedo, a recommendation engine that assists city dwellers to discover and book leisure activities.

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