Some of the sweetest moments in life are made sweeter by the presence of a cake. Be it a birthday, wedding or any other celebration a little bit of cake take the celebration to a whole new level. One such startup that has understood this art is Mystical Bundle.

knowstartup-mysticalbundleMystical Bundle comes with a vision to glorify celebrations providing its customers with premium cakes their doorstep across Delhi/NCR. We sell freshly baked cakes & desserts made from highest grade of ingredients.


Team Mystical Bundle

Mystical Bundle was set up by Karshma Pursnani and Anant Singh in the year 2015, who are a bunch of passionate folks working hard each day to make cake delivery process smoother and enjoyable. Mystical Bundle values having great customer service, keeping up-to-date with technology to remain as competitive and customer friendly as possible. Mystical Bundle is an online cake store delivering premium cakes across Delhi/NCR. We sell freshly baked cakes & desserts made from highest grade of ingredients.

The current team size is of 4 members including the founders. They share a vision to glorify our customer’s celebrations, They’ve got 12 am delivery as one of the delivery options by means of which the customers can surprise their dear ones at 12 Midnight. It has been just three months in business and they have already successfully rolled out 400+ cakes.

Along with the current efforts, their future plans include providing the customers with easy customization options.

They are the people catering to the best of occasion with their sweet delicacies. The future for them looks bright.

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