As per a famous saying,

Sometimes the most shocking surprises are also the most beautiful surprises

Have you bought a Gift for someone or planning to buy one? How about informing the person Anonymously that a Gift is about to reach them and keep them guessing? Isn’t that interesting?

Here is an APP that helps you surprise in the most beautiful way possible, making each and every gifting a unique experience be it a birthday, your first-month anniversary, your dad’s 60th birthday,Mother’s Day or your brother’s Grad-walk.  With the all new OMYGO app, you now have the magic of surprising your loved ones at your fingertips!

Not just this, in case you’re stuck with the question as to what gift you should buy, OMYGO helps you with suggestions based on the interests of your friend and you could also view their Wishlist.So get started, with the OMYGO APP, designed to weave magic into the simplest yet the most unbeatable art of gifting. 

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Karthik Juvvala-CEO OMYGO

OMYGO app was founded by Karthik Juvvala in 2015 and is currently a strong and able team of 6 people. The team consists of Karthik Juvvala as the CEO, Areef who handles marketing, Vamsi Krishna who heads the product development vertical, Mouli who handles android development verticle, Ravi who is the DBA and last but not the least Jinal who works on the design.

They have done a Beta launch in Aug 2015 to a closed group of 400 users and have got tremendous response.They are now planning to do a full scale launch in February in around 50 colleges across Mumbai.

Their idea is to scale the operations through tie ups with brands and provide customized offerings to help solve the gifting problems. Additionally they are adding some really cool features planned to be rolled out in the next two months.They are also planning to come up with a new packaging solution that would revolutionize the way Gift packing would happen in India.

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