The video features Travis Kalanick, CEO and Founder of Uber, in a fireside conversation with Ronnie Screwvala, the ex-CEO and Founder of UTV group, organized by E-cell, IIT Bombay. The interactive session started off by some videos about some of the creative initiatives at Uber.

Ronnie asked Travis about what he thinks about failure and how should one tackle failure in the entrepreneurial journey. About tackling failure, Travis stressed on the fact to have a ‘champion mindset’ while assessing the risks at hand.

Travis mentioned three bays – Bay Area, Beijing, and Bangalore as global tech hubs. Speaking about the quality and the number of graduates from IITs, he said that engineers are better entrepreneurs because of their ability to break down a problem and build it together piece by piece.

Travis said that it is all about looking at the world with a curious mindset, finding problems, and solving them. Travis had an interesting take on investors while starting up. Talking about a success plan versus survival plan, he drew up an analogy between a startup’s journey and playing chess.

Check this video out to get some more maxims on entrepreneurship.

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