The burgeoning Indian Logistic Industry is poised to be valued over a $130 billion. Yet, the sector suffers from lack of organisation and an ancient mind-set. Operations are carried out just as they were in the 1990s. The Logistics Inc. lacks access to a single gateway connecting the manufacturer, transporter and the end-customer – the spheres of Logistics sector. This problem has been consistent through decades with very few solutions at our disposal.



It was this quest that led Siddharth Jain an IIT-Roorkee alumnus and Shashank Jain who completed his post graduation from IIM Shillong, to work on solving this problem. As an outcome in 2015, they founded what we know today as Vaahika.

Vaahika is an online marketplace bidding platform for Long Haulage Goods transportation. It’s a solution to create an efficient technology bridge between Manufacturers and Transporters and aims at filling the demand & supply gap. It has been a great 5 months for Vaahika since it began operations and currently they are a strong team of 11 members.

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Team Vaahika- Siddharth and Shashank Jain

Siddharth has his roots in the logistics business as he belongs to a business-family running transportation services since 1980’s.Siddharth began his stint with the Automotive Industry in Tata Motors, in the sales and services division of its Commercial Vehicle Business Unit (CVBU). He then charted out new horizons in Frost and Sullivan, as a Principal Consultant for the automotive team steering the Commercial Vehicle Business.

Shashank too hails from a business family in Kota, Rajasthan, which has been in the logistics business for over 30 years.Shashank started his career in sales and marketing in Pidilite Industries.After Pidilite he joined FACE as the Regional Business Development Head for North. He facilitated and strategized the entry of the startup in the region. Shashank is also the founder of Real Time Logistics which provides comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions to its customers.

It was this tryst with destiny that led both of them to venture into this journey knowing the problems their family had been facing being in transportation services for over three decades. Hence, their USP is their understanding and connect with Transportation industry that provides them with the ability to understand the basics of business and connect them using new age technology. In short we are able to bring results at root levels in the Logistics Industry.

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In a short span of just 5 months they have generated a traction of close to 15 Truck loads daily. They currently have more than 200 vendors on board which provides them with enough of network to support pan country transportation from Rajasthan. They have more than 100 active clients on board in SME and MSME space

Vaahika intends towards bringing the entire freight industry online and basic telematics services through their App thereby creating an ecosystem of smart transportation in India.

Vaahika is solving logistics problems using a technology solution that helps in generating an online pool of floating load and its inherent bidding module then facilitates availability of competitive freights. It also helps transporters in booking their return loads in advance and adding new business routes, thereby providing a 360 degree solution to all your logistic needs.

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