It is a well known fact that car-owners very often face a problem when choosing a place to repair or service their cars: while neighbourhood workshops offer unreliable quality, authorised service centres are expensive and often don’t justify the prices they charge. was founded with the goal to solve this very problem.


Delhi based was founded in 2015, to provide affordable, convenient and reliable car repair and care services. GetCarxpert reduces prices by reducing overheads, avoiding unnecessary add-ons and part replacements. We provide a trustworthy alternative to local workshops and authorised service centres. It covers most of the Delhi-NCR region.


Team, an online managed marketplace for high-quality car repair and maintenance services, recently concluded a deal with spare parts manufacturers, Bosch and Valeo, to ensure that all workshops only use superior quality spare parts & customers can avail of the Manufacturer’s Warranty on all Spare parts. will manage the supply chain network at all the workshops spread across Delhi and NCR. only uses OEM or OES parts at all its workshops.

This revolutionary startup was founded by Navneet Pratap Singh. As the CEO and Co-Founder of, an online venture for car repairs and maintenance, Navneet Pratap Singh’s chief responsibilities involve executive management, finance and business development. Navneet is a mechanical and automation engineer from IP University, New Delhi and also holds an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. As pf today, the core team of comprises of Navneet Pratap Singh who is the CEO and co-founder and Abhijeet Singh who is the COO and co-founder.

Talking about the development, Navneet Pratap Singh, CEO and Co-Founder, said,

“There are three parameters which define the quality of repair: 1. Quality of Workmanship 2. Quality of Spares & parts used 3. Customer Experience. We are very picky about who we tie-up with. We on-board the best and most well-equipped workshops, we use only genuine parts at all our workshops and we offer 1,000km or 60 days’ Xpert warranty to our customers. After our deal with Bosch & Valeo we will also be in a position to offer Manufacturer’s warranty to our customers. There is a ready availability of Fake parts, Sub-Standard Imported Parts in the market and a lot of workshops use these parts thus compromising on the Quality of Repairs & putting the customers safety at risk due to which there is a sense of insecurity every time a car owner has to leave his ride at the local mechanic or the authorised service centre. This is where our careful selection of partners helps. Bosch and Valeo being the case in point.”

By being the best alternative between the dodgy standards of the local mechanics and the tendency of the authorised service centres to overcharge, has three USPs – convenience, quality and competitive pricing. By arranging pick-up and drop for the car and eliminating the need for the car owners to take quotes, haggle for prices and make a visit to the workshop to run a final check, the brand has eased the life for every time-strapped professional who seeks more out of life than spending his/her weekends following up on car repairs. The brand also maintains a transparent billing approach that informs the customer about the billing amount before the repair work is initiated.

So, whatever the demand – running repairs, accidental repairs, scheduled service, batteries, tyres, car care and insurance – the’s workshops will fix it by offering the convenience of multi-brand workshops and maintaining the same service standards as authorised service centres. The guarantee of quality workmanship and genuine spare parts is guaranteed with a Engineer placed at all workshops & monitoring your vehicle.


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