With the hectic life that we have at our disposal, one of things that suffers the most is our health. A lot of this can be attributed to the unhealthy and junk food that we eat on order to save time on cooking a healthy meal. One startup that has understood this concern well and is working towards resolving this problem is Dietshala.


Dietshala believes that to live well you need to maintain a proper diet and lifestyle. They are always ready to deliver fresh ingredients and the best food so you can focus on living life as it is worth living – with a proper diet that is tested and proven, and a lifestyle that will make you live longer and happier.

Chandigarh based Dietshala is a vibrant team with a zeal to cater to their end customers in the best possible way. Founded in 2015, Dietshala is a team which  has expertise in their field. There team comprises of Munit Sachdeva of Halt who has experience of supplements and health industry, Rohit Bhatia takes care of IT, Kamal Chalotra takes care of Marketing, Minki Singla is chief nutritionist and Raman takes care of operations.

Dietshala provides you the option to eat healthy where they have the chef and dietitian work together to make meals which are healthy and delicious. People can subscribe using their monthly or weekly subscription to achieve their health goals where they get consultations from Dietshala dietitian and that too for free. Customized meal plan, people can build their own meal plan online from their menu by tracking calories count and schedule it whenever they want. The only USP that they follow is cook food from the best ingredients in the correct cooking method. Not just that, they provide food according to the diet chart and deliver it 3 times a day


They are currently doing 30 deliveries per day and have served to 100 unique customers and 40% repeat orders, which definitely tells volumes about this great initiative. There future plans include expanion to all the major cities across India within 2016.

If you want to change for the best, start by changing your diet and lifestyle – you’ll see how it goes a long way in creating a healthier you!

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