Are you a company, business or a household who wants to find or hire local freelance professionals and service providers. Well! if you are we have a solution for you. The name of one startup that can handle all this and more for you is NearBuz.

Founded by Lavanaya Viswanatham in 2016 this startup is based out of the startup hub called Bangalore. NearBuz is an online portal that enables companies, businesses and households to find and hire local freelance professionals and service providers. It is a map based local freelance & service provider hiring android app & web app with 200+ skill categories.

The NearBuz team is currently working on the NearBuz app to create unlimited local jobs opportunities for freelance professionals / local service providers, college students. With the help of this upcoming app one can accomplish the below mentioned tasks without a hassle.

knowstartup-Team NearBuz

Team NearBuz

1. Hire skilled or unskilled professionals, students, skilled housewives, MNC employees for Part Time or Full time.
2. Employers can post job / task requirement directly from your android phone.
3. Find nearby job/task posters with map search feature
4. College students can earn money by doing some short duration tasks like teaching guitar, tutoring skills, doing web development tasks in your extra time etc.
5. Check who is active job worker in your area
6. Filter categories according to your requirements and find suitable job or task doers.
7. Safe & Fast payment method integrated to our app and many more features to make local recruitment & hiring process painless and fun!!

The founder of this innovative venture Lavanya Vishwanatham is an energetic women entrepreneur of NearBuz. She lives in bangalore. She believes in working smart. She is crystal clear about her vision of providing top class business and job opportunity to the people and taking organization into the highest level. It is this determination that led her to build this Map based local freelance & service provider hiring android app & web app with 200+ skill categories to list yourself as tasker / doer or hire freelance service providers or professionals based on location filter / skills & trust level.

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