When we asked Indix team as to why everyone described Indix as ‘Google Maps’ for products, they explained it with an analogy-

“Just like Facebook is the people intelligence layer and Google Maps is the location intelligence layer, we aim to be the product intelligence layer of the Internet.

Sanjay Parthasarathy along with Sridhar Venkatesh, Rajesh Muppalla and Satya Kaliki found Indix in 2010. Sanjay is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Indix, thought about building up the venture after moving back to India(Chennai) post two decades in the United States. While in the US he completed his Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and studied management from the MIT Sloan School. Sanjay also worked for 19 years at the Microsoft Corp, head quartered at Redmond. Interestingly, when Sanjay left he was corporate vice-president of its start-up business accelerator. Being passionate about – art, design, technology, business, social and economic activism, he envisioned a single platform to bring together every product in the world and thus Indix was born.

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L to R : Rajesh, Sanjay, Satya, Sridhar

Indix is building the world’s largest product information marketplace by collecting product information from the web and partners. Using sophisticated data science Indix collects, documents and structures product information and exposes it through a Product API and feeds. Businesses that make and sell products, or enable commerce, use the Indix platform to improve search and discovery of product information and gather and analyze intelligence from e-commerce’s digital shelf. Indix tracks nearly 1 billion product across more than 7,000 product categories.From powering a ‘buy’ button, to insights on what’s new in a category, Indix is “everything about products.” The company has operations in Chennai, India as well as Seattle and San Francisco, US.

Indix has a smart and highly motivated team of explorers who work with assumptions and experiments to add value to the products they create and offer. What brings them together is that they work to innovate not only on their product and technology but also in the way they work, their work culture. This is very evident when you take a look at their office,  bright colours, an open pantry and employees seated in groups rather than cubicles — these are the scenes that greet you when you enter the office of Indix.

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Indix – Chennai Office

Sanjay believes that their product and technology is their biggest strength.  He says-
“Commerce is becoming pervasive – every interaction with a consumer is an opportunity to inform, educate and sell products. Businesses today are location-aware, they are going to need reliable and comprehensive product information in order to become Product-Aware.Our competitive difference lies in the scale, breadth, and freshness of product data that we have.”
The company has over 1 billion products in their database across more than 7,000 categories and 600,000 sellers. They offer Product Data Science and machine learning services to help companies bring products to market faster, improve search and discovery, refine classification, to list a few . Indix is also enabling a whole new generation of Product-Aware apps. All this did not come in a day, this was nurtured gradually by the untiring and undying zeal and determination of constant research and inputs from the targeted audience. For three years (till 2013) post its inception the company stayed in “stealth mode”, and closely guarded any information about the business it was building.
In 2013,  Indix came out of that mode and presented its beta version to a limited number of companies, including Onlineshoes.com. And they haven’t looked back since then. The startup raised around $6 million in Series A funding last year from Nexus Venture Partners and Avalon Ventures. Prior to that, Indix had raised angel funding from several investors including Venky Harinarayan, S Somasegar and Anand Rajaraman.

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