One of the most cumbersome and least addressed problem is doing the laundry. The most common concers pertaining to this are planning for a trip over weekend but unable to go due to laundry demon, going through laundry solutions available in market but unable to find one which can be accommodated in monthly budget.


Team Washingguns

It was this problem that a group of 6 friends were facing every now and then and rather than siting back and being bogged down by the situation, they decided to rise to the situation and this is the thought that laid to the foundation for an online on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning service.

They felt that it was a common problem for all bachelors, working couples and students and hence decided to solve it for themselves and everyone else. To solve this problem they picked up the most obvious solution i.e. to become an aggregator for laundromats already present in market. But very soon they realized that doing so they were not solving the second problem i.e. an economic laundry solution and in the process they would be leaving a huge bunch of potential customer as not everyone can afford high price for daily laundry chores. And this led to a change in business model and strategy. They decided to set up their own inventory to bring down the cost and provide excellent service with very low turnaround time for the end customer.

Washingguns is an on-demand online laundry & dry cleaning service provider in Delhi & NCR. We offer Laundry and Dry cleaning service, to retail customers and businesses like Hotels, Corporates, Outlet and institutions. Washingguns is a Company which provides you top quality on time service, combining the newest equipment in technology and environmentally-friendly detergents. To provide you best services we have a team of professionals from the industry with decades of experience.knowstartup-washingguns1

Customers can place their orders through call, website, app and even through WhatsApp. Currently they are operating in Noida and East Delhi and very soon they are going to start their service in Gurgaon and south Delhi.

Delhi based Washingguns was founded in 2015, and in a short span has reached a team size of 40+ and handling departments like marketing, customer care services, and operations. They provide the most economical service in Delhi NCR. It is due to their tiresless efforts that they have been able to serve more than 2500 orders in the month of Jaunary.

Based on the current trend they are working hard to expand their services in Pan Delhi NCR in the days to come. With laundry care you can rest assured that your luandry related worries will be address in the best possible way.

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