MyOperator serves as a virtual intelligent phone operator for businesses that manages, tracks and stores all the call details and business leads. It helps businesses project a bigger and professional image and builds a target database which can be used to improve your sales and data. Apparently Lenskart has understood the mantra very well and has tied up with MyOperator.


MyOperator, a Delhi based call management system on the cloud, has associated with simplifying the latter’s daily operations at its back end with it’s in breed technology. MyOperator helps SMBs and bigger enterprises, manage their calls without any hardware or software installation.

With reference to this deal, Ankit Jain, Founder & CEO, MyOperator said,

“Cloud Telephony today has become a major facet in the digitisation of organisational operations. Our association with Lenskart is aimed at enabling it to tap the advantages of this fast growing technology. The absence of these technologies and services requires manual services incurring massive cost. Automating calls and integrating toll free number services reduces these costs to a great extent,”

When asked about this development, Amit Chaudhary, COO, Lenskart said,

“Incorporating MyOperator’s comprehensive, cohesive technology has definitely eased our daily operations. Apart from that, the technology has also immensely reduced the CTC, as a lot of functions which were executed manually, are now being done with the use of cutting-edge technology provided by MyOperator. We intend to make this into a long term association and keep upgrading our backend processes,”

Lenskart will be able to utilise many of the services that MyOperator has to offer including CODAC, MisDial, Toll free MisDial, Conference, Promotional SMS, Singapore Toll free and Outbound Dialer. This looks like a win win situation for both the companies.

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