As per a famous saying,

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.”

Every sigh at a sight, every smile in a picture, every finger that points and every silencing moment. Every giggle that escaped, every heart that melted, every lump in the throat and every bear-hug that refused to go. Every strip of ticket and every stamp on the passport entail a story. No wonder Traveling does leave you speechless for that moment and eventually turns you into a storyteller. It is this nature of travelling that inspired Monish Shah to create TraveLibro.

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Founded in 2014, TraveLibro is a travel social networking portal which aims to create a travel eco system to connect travellers with fellow travellers, bloggers, travel agents, on-line travel agents and other industry partners. TraveLibro is the brain child of Monish Shah, a travel aficionado and a former investment banker and Malhar Gala, a serial entrepreneur. Monish was an investment banker for 8 years at Deutsche Bank before starting TraveLibro and Malhar has a background in the jewellery and fashion industry.

From a traveller’s perspective you can Explore (80 Countries, 1200 Cities, 20-50 Must Do’s per city for different travellers, over 10,000 hotels, more than 35,000 restaurants and over 3000 itineraries), Plan (3 Step simple trip planner using the information mentioned in Explore),​ ​Book (Meta Search engine launching in March), Experience (TraveLibro App – On the Go Journeys), Share (Social Networking Element) and Cherish your past memories (Travel Diaries) all under one roof, on TraveLibro.

TraveLibro is a portal and app, conceptualized and developed for the ones who love to travel. Stemming from the sole love for travel, TraveLibro aspires to be the space where one can plan, save, share and cherish their travel memories.


Sorting through the truckload of information on travel can be a tedious task. Keeping that in mind, they have well researched information customized to the kind of traveller one is. A romantic getaway or backpacking with friends, a luxurious extravaganza or a pocket friendly trip, we have all the information you need exactly the way you’d want it.

A Perfect Holiday, Starts With a Perfect Plan and TraveLibro’s 3-step Holiday Planner will surely help you do that.

  1. Simply choose from a crisp list of: Hotels, Restaurants, Must Do’s and Handpicked Itineraries
  2. Share it with you travel buddies
  3. If you’d like, connect with reputed travel agents to bag the best deals!

TraveLibro’s On-The-Go App auto-creates a beautiful travel timeline of your journey, as you simply check-in to places, leave a quick note or update your status & pictures. That’s not all; you can add your travel buddies and create shared memories of your journey, to etch your precious memories for a lifetime!

Travel Diary: A Sacred Space for All Your Travel Memories is a digital travel diary for the new-age traveller; share it with the world or simply with your friends or save them for yourself to re-visit and cherish for days to come.

Their USP is a feature on the App called On the Go. For those who prefer to go off the beaten track and find something new with every destination, download the one stop app with its suggested must-do’s and list of hotels and restaurants. That’s not all! With the ‘On the Go’ tab, you can also track your travel experience with simple check-ins, picture uploads and status messages and (like the name suggests) while you are on the go. Furthermore, it allows friends travelling together to share experiences and post moments to the same timeline so that one can relive the travel moments over and over again.


The website has seen a huge customer flow of 300000 unique visitors since August 2015, which talks volumes about this budding startup. Their booking search engine is going live in the coming few months. Travellers from across the globe will be able to compare the cheapest prices from OTA’s across the globe for flights, hotels, car rentals, parking spaces, home stays and tours. They currently have over 150 partnerships in the pipelines.

TraveLibro aspires to be a space where every frequent globetrotter meets his next inspiration, every soul-searcher meets his next connector and ever-jaded explorer meets his next soul-stirrer. A space that every traveller belongs to, and one that belongs to them.

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