a dedicated spiritual online marketplace for spiritual and religious products,. Since E-commerce marketplace is growing rapidly in India and it has made way for new business opportunities, keeping this in mind they have come out with this Idea to provide an e-commerce platform, which will be supported by Sanskar. caters to more than 18 different categories, which include Pooja Products, Rudraksha, Yantra, Idols, Religious books and Devotional CDs, Temple Prasads and other such products.


Shubhkart, a portal focused on the spiritual and religious market, is aiming to get its foot in the door of the offline space. And to do this they have tied up with RelianceMart. Shubhkart has also piloted 150 SKUs (stock-keeping units) with two Reliance Mart stores in Mumbai.

Pitte, the CEO of Shubhkart said,

“This is a high-margin category for the retailer who makes close to 30% on these items. We are trying to figure out the right assortment of products to increase our offline footprint as well. We are also in talks with Grofers to list our products on the platform once we have the right assortment ready.”

Pittie further added that the company’s offline offerings will be fast-selling, low-ticket size items while the higher ticket-size offerings will be restricted to ecommerce, which has an average ticket size of Rs 800-1,000 per transaction.

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