The biggest problem for a student when they are planning to take admission in a college is that they don’t have any idea about the campus. This leads to anxiety among students pertaining to the culture and value system of the campus they are planning to enter. This is where Campus Karma comes as a rescue. Campus Karma’s groups feature help a student to find the campus culture which he/she plans to join. Users of a campus group can write testimonials, reviews, articles and post videos related to their groups. Students and teachers share study materials over the site which can be accessed by the campus students.

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Founded in 2012, Kolkatta based Campus Karma is a virtual campus which allows one to find the campus activities that have taken place in the past, happening now or are scheduled to happen soon. They can look for pictures and videos of the events that have taken place in the past. It displays the various campus events organized by colleges at various locations. Students can also share study materials and will be able to hone their technical skills with the help of online lab.


Rohit Gupta- Founder Campus Karma

Campus Karma was founded by, Rohit Gupta a Computer Science Engineer who graduated from B.P.Poddar Institute of Management & Technology. He has been designing & developing websites along with development of Facebook Fan Page tabs for the last 4 years. His various clients include AIESEC Kolkata, Zoroy Luxury Chocolates, Arkos Events, Satcom Limited, Medplanets, Salfar Group, Edzonex, YOU YNWA, Shuvam Guest House, SkyNet Systems HB etc. If we go by numbers, till date Campus Karma has 10,000 registered students with more than 1,000 registered colleges. The average pagehit is around 15,000 per month. Campus Karma partners with Facebook to offer free access to it’s website via (September 25, 2015). Campus Kara also has around 7,000 facebook likes on its official facebook page. All these statistics speak volumes about the popularity that Campus Karma has managed to gather so far.

Their future plans include providing Workshops/Training facilities to students who visit their platforms. With these numbers to its credit, Campus Karma is sure to make an indelible mark in the startup scenario of the country in days to come.

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