On-demand Taxi-hailing company Uber initiated a worldwide “brand refresh”. The company has done what people do every day on their app-armed smartphones. The company valued at $62.5 billion has updated its brand.


If you update your Uber app today, you might notice something is a little different: gone is the “U” logo, replaced with a… circle thing. Uber has changed its logo type and app icon and has taken the brand out of its monochrome palette and into a technicolour one. The overhaul, which has been in the works since 2013, affects 65 country-markets and everything from company stationery to marketing communications.

In India, Uber users might expect to see turquoise, deep magenta, warm amber and fresh blue and patterns inspired by Indian architecture and fashion the next time they fire up the app.


The color and the patterns has been customized and designed the new brand identity to suit individual markets, a departure from norms among global brands. While most companies practice absolute design consistency, Uber’s negotiating long-established precincts of conventional wisdom.

Speaking on reason for the makeover, Shalin Amin, global director of design at Uber said, “from being a single-city based company to one operating in over 350 cities across the world, in a short time.”

Uber is the most-valued tech company in the world,where cab booking platforms are considered, Uber surely is ruling the roost. It recently broke Facebook’s record to become the youngest privately-held company to cross the $50 Billion valuation mark.

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