Gurgaon-based startup that has created, a mobile-based, real-time school bus tracking system, AppAlert, has raised seed funding of more than Rs 6 crore. The funding has been led by an angel investor. The company will use the proceeds of this transaction to launch a cloud-based solution.
The app enables real-time tracking of school buses. The applications covers but is not limited to coverage of the GPS compliance requirement by the Central Board of Secondary Education with roll-call capability from a complete list of children being ferried in the bus. The application makes it possible to allow only a parent or parent-authorized individual to receive the child and is planning to work with about 22 schools in the coming months.

Ashuvinder Ahuja, who is one of the resources who created the app, says that the app caters to parents who have to wait and make inquiries from the schools about whether their children have left for home. He added-

“We received funding to set up the app from a Delhi-based angel investor who is in the logistics business. We are looking to democratise the way in which the process of picking up children from the bus stop happens,”

The app generates and sends out live roll-call and instant boarding or de-boarding notifications to parents. The schools do not have to pay for this, it is  a  subscription-based model for parents. The only investment that would come from the school is buying a web-enabled Android phone where the driver/designated person taps the app each time a specific student has entered or exited the bus.

Given that lately there have been many instances of security lapses/ unwanted incidents in school buses, this app will help in virtual security of a school going child.

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