Bengaluru-based CREO, a consumer technology startup will soon launch its first smartphone named Mark 1, has promised to add a new feature to the upcoming device every month. The new features will be added via software updates that the company will push over the air.


CREO, formerly known as Mango Man Consumers Electronics, jumped onto the Indian scene with their product, Teewe. Teewe is an HDMI based media-streaming device, much like a slightly cheaper version of Google Chromecast. With the success of Teewe, CREO managed to raise $3 Million in funding in order to produce smartphones and develop a proprietary software OS along with it.

The company has now posted a new video revealing its smartphone dubbed Mark 1. In the flooded Indian smartphone market, the company plans to make a difference by reportedly offering an OS that sets it apart from others. It also promises monthly updates, probably, that’s what they mean by ‘A new phone every month’.

The video shows a classy looking device, but there is no mention of specifications. The Creo Mark One is aimed at enhancing Android experience, and going by the buzz online, the founders are reportedly promising some ‘unique’ software features.


“With our OS we’ll send you relevant updates that shall keep your phone running just as new as the first time you held it. And not just that, we’ll also ship a big new feature with every update,” claims Creo.

Earlier in January, explaining why the move to build a mobile OS, the post said, “The idea of building an Android based operating system and a smartphone stemmed from the realization that in the current market, while hardware is getting better very fast, there is not enough differentiation on the software front. We want to be the ones bridging the apparent gap.” Now, a ‘new phone every month ‘ is a big promise to keep up and got everyone intrigued.



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