In 2014, when Akash Kotadia moved back to India from Silicon Valley, he exactly knew what he was coming here for. It was a foresight and passion to start up something in the IoT area. While exploring the options, he came across iBeacon technology and decided to build a product in the same area. He understood that the product market was fit for the end to end proximity experience platform which would enable businesses to deliver in-location contextual experience and visitor analytics. Thus was born !

Ahmedabad based startup’s founder Akash, worked for 3 years in the Silicon Valley and led specific feature development of large enterprise platform and contributed to shipping multi-million dollars product. He strongly believed that technology should be used to such an extent that the user senses a strongly connected experience. proximity platform helps businesses in designing and delivering relevant proximity-aware, in-location experiences to the mobile phones or any other devices based on your precise surrounding. The platform also enables end users to design and deliver interactive contents to target audience group and visualize the in-location engagement. From delivering interactive product information in the retail store to distributing handouts to attendees present in the conference hall, the possibilities are limitless with this ambient intelligence.

The young and passionate five-person team works hand in hand to make all this possible. One imagines and designs, second makes it real, third, makes it mobile, the fourth markets it, fifth connects the dots and keep things attached. Everyone assumes their primary responsibility and still tries to contribute where ever required to strive the collective success.

Akash tells –

“Our product-level innovation is what sets us apart. proximity experience platform makes it easier for businesses to quickly design the multimedia content with a few drag and drops and deliver it to the target audience in minutes. Whether you want to display interactive product tour to store visitors or engage museum visitors with gamification, social experiences, it enables all. Our platform also ensures that businesses spend less time analyzing the in-store customer behavior analytics data and more time utilizing it to strategize.”

Akash adds, that International brands like Guess, Aldo, Aldo accessories and Charles and Keith have opted for the beacon trial in the Ahmedabad stores. When a customers who has the app enter these stores, they will receive notifications about the latest offers, product information etc. related to the brand based on their in-store location. The startup is also working with a few museums to help create a unique experience for the museum visitors. aims to be a leader in the proximity-based solution market where they are recognized by their product’s value offering and seamless service. The product is engineered in a way that it can be extended to develop capability which allows users to explore connected experience beyond proximity.All this for their ultimate goal to bring the best IoT product experience to market for customer delight.


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