Over the last few years the food discovery startups have gained momentum and according to the recent estimate more than two-million restaurants are now dominating the present scenario of the Indian catering industry. The food discovery industry has now become an important factor for the success of any social event. We Indians love our food and yes we take it very seriously and good food is always appreciated. And this fact is well understood by Burrp!


Burrp is your local food and restaurant recommendation engine. Burrp has been making eating out more convenient since 2006. Burrp is the pioneer in Indian food discovery space and quite literally introduced consumer technology in their food and beverage industry. Their vision is to lead the industry, in all facets: brand, product, technology and business. With presence across 14 cities in the country and Burrp has a view to expand to 35 cities in the next two years.


Team Burrp!

Mumbai based Burrp was founded by Deep Ubhi and Anand Jain in 2006. Burrp currently has 2 business heads – Pradeep Prabhu and Abhishek Chhajlani. Pradeep drives sales, marketing and operations at Burrp and is jointly responsible for P&L of the SBU. Pradeep oversees the smooth functioning of the day-to-day operations and ensures that the business develops a strategic advantage over other competitors. Abhishek leads Product and Technology at Burrp. He is jointly responsible for the P&L of the SBU. Abhishek additionally oversees data management that is going to be at the heart of the product.

The Burrp team comprises of foodies, developers, engineers, artists, passionate problem solvers, working around the clock to make it easy for its consumers to find the right food and restaurant according to their preference. Small but power-packed team of about 180 Burrpers across 6 cities; and, it will only be growing from here.

Burrp is India’s first food and restaurant recommendation engine and has listed over 65,000+ partners and since the launch of the new look in October, Burrp it garnered over 5,00,000 mobile app downloads. Burrp has been making eating out more convenient since 2006 and with the new look and app, the new team hopes to answer one single question that keeps cropping up in users head all the time – What should I eat and where? So, enjoy your meal with Burrp!

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