On one hand the retail industry in the country is booming, however, on the flip side the customer dis-satisfaction is also increasing, due to neglegence on part of the store owners. How many times has one wished for a company with the singular aim of integrating the hyperlocal stores into the mainstream online ecommerce marketplace, and in the process, pass on the true benefits of online-offline integration to the customers.


Well the wait is over with Nexhop. Nexhop helps you to view and download bills with a single tap, Track warranties and claim them till the last minute and track warranty details saved on the cloud. Not just that it helps you keep track of store prices and have a 360° price search, you can even book an item and get it immediately. In case you have a problem, Nexhop helps you upload product details and get after sales support with a tap and even suggests authorised service centres around you.


Team Nexhop

A team of 15 members in multiple locations Nexhop are headquartered in Bangalore and have a development center in Toronto, Canada. The founders Ashis Mohanty, Surajit Nath and Benny Marianayagam are entrepreneurs based out of India and Canada who have been building a start-up with the singular aim of integrating the hyperlocal stores into the mainstream online ecommerce marketplace, and in the process, pass on the true benefits of online-offline integration to the customers. The idea struck them when three founders were in Toronto, Canada. Since the trio had been extensively shopping online in the Canadian market, they knew how easy and transparent the process was and their online shopping experience in India was equally challenging. To turn their dream of an equal opportunity online marketplace, into action, Ashis moved back to India after quitting his high profile job in Toronto and started setting up the team to build and market the product to the Stores and that’s how Nexhop was born.

Nexhop’s ideology and USP is to differentiate them from the regular online retailers who sell the products and earn a commission from the sale but ignore both the customer and the seller in the process.

While speaking about the ideology, Benny Marianayagam said,

“Nexhop works on a different model. Each sale made by the store helps them earn a loyal customer for life. The customer is not owned by Nexhop and is treated as a loyal customer of the store that made the sale to that user (very different from the current marketplace model where two parties don’t even know each other). Also the store is added as a favorite of that customer and whenever the customer returns then they get preferential treatment from the store because of their existing relationship, courtesy of Nexhop.”

Nexhop has partnered with 80 stores in Bangalore and the conversion rate is a whopping 92%.  Currently the stores are adding 10-15 new customers every day and the initial beta of the Nexhop app has been tremendously successful. After its launch in December’15 the stores have experienced highly positive responses from the customers who appreciate the initiative and support the idea of enriching the community and supporting the neighbourhood stores to get more business and prosper.

As per Ashis Mohanty co-founder of Nexhop,

“The future of the startup is ‘data analytics’ and we aim to be the Nielsen of India. “

Adding to his view, Surajit Nath mentioned,

“We have a winning team and everyone of us has known each other for years now.  With our global presence and technical strength we are building cutting edge software solutions and services that would be a game changer in the Indian online marketplace. Our strong team, clear focus and service oriented approach to build a level playing field for every retail store in India is at the core of Nexhop’s mission and vision and we are working very hard to achieve this dream”

Well, all said and done, the work done by Nexhop is being appreciated and well received by its customers, which is further proven by their statistics as per which, they currently have 5000+ products in their inventory amounting close to 1000 customers in 1 month and transaction worth more than Rs.15 Lakhs in the same period of time. They have app which works on both iOS and Android platforms

Things looks positive and bright for this innovative new startup in the block.

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