Just a couple of days after Uber and Ola launched their bike taxi service in Bengaluru, the Karnataka government’s transport department has termed the new service as illegal and has asked the citizens not to use them.

According to a statement from the department Uber and Ola has not yet obtained the required permit or license to operate app based bike taxi booking service. The two-wheeler vehicles are considered as and falls under private vehicle category in Karnataka. In order to operate them as a taxi under UberMoto or Ola Bike, the vehicle needs to be registered as a commercial vehicle.


It further said that necessary actions will be taken against both companies. The Regional Transport Authority has already seized bikes stating that they were being operated without permit. An official said that the rider was riding the vehicle without a badge and yellow board.

In a statement released by the department, a senior official said,

“Legal action has been initiated. At any time we can take action as these services are illegal. We cannot allow the app-based cab aggregators to play with the commuters’ safety.

The bikes cannot ply as taxis as they have to procure the permit from the State transport authority. The bike taxis are illegal also because they don’t have the right licence. We will not allow them to operate.

They are riding like cab aggregators who do not work under the system and claim they are only a technology platform. They have to follow the rule of law and the regulations of the Transport department. Only then will they be permitted to operate as taxi”

Earlier this week, Uber is launched its bike taxi service in Bengaluru, making it the second city (after Bangkok) in the world in which the Uber is utilizing two wheelers as a taxi. An UberMOTO ride costs Rs 3 per km. On the same day, Ola also launched a similar service named Ola Bike, priced at Rs. 2 per kilometer.

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