Gurgaon-based Healthcare startup medECUBE, an asset-less healthcare startup that helps patients get access to doctors in major hospitals and clinics, including emergency care has raised $4M (Rs 25 crore)  in series A funding from the Silicon Valley based venture fund Artiman Ventures.

MedECUBE seeks to offer care coordination concierge services to domestic and international patients, the company said in a statement.


Artiman, the sole investor in the Gurgaon-based startup, has set aside a similar amount for future rounds, said managing partner Ajit Singh.

“With best-in-class technology, medical practitioners and institutional partners on-board, medECUBE is the most promising healthcare start-up in India to look out for.”Artiman Ventures MD and General Partner Ajit Singh said

Founded by Dilpreet Brar, the startup helps patients get second opinions from the experts across the world, give advice on the healthcare solutions, help patients make up their minds and hand-hold them through this journey. The company seeks to make healthcare in India more efficient.

About MedECube

MedECube is an asset-less healthcare company that helps patients seek the right care, at the right place and at the right cost. MedECube, recognises that accessing good quality healthcare is a complex undertaking and it aims to help patients navigate this difficult terrain.

MedECube aims to leverage existing healthcare expertise and infrastructure to help patient’s access quality healthcare in different parts of the world. It helps patients get second opinions from the leading experts across the world, give sound advice on the most appropriate healthcare solutions, help patients make up their minds and hand-hold them right through this journey.

MedECube is committed to ensuring a safe and desired outcome for all its patients.


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