Every industry needs equipments to run production smoothly. Most of the times people wonder if they could find all these equipents at one place, so that the purchasing process could become easier for them. This is the problem that Hodexo decided to work at resolving and that is how Hodexo.com was set up.knowstartup-hodexo


Team HoDExo

HodExo.com is India’s largest online store for Industrial, Safety, Welding, Hand tools, Power tool, Martial Handling equipment, Electric equipments. This platform is open for both Buyers and Sellers. Hodexo was founded by Mr. N L. Rabari, Mr. D L. Rabari, Mr. K L. Rabari and Mr. H L. Rabari in the year 2015. All of them have over 30 years experience in Industrial & Safety Supplies in India’s Top almost industries Like, Relienance, Essar, TATA, Birla, L&T, Indian Oil, Hindustan Petrolium and others.

Based out of Jamnagar, Hodexo has an employee base of 43, who work day in and day out to make Hodexo popular in Indian market. Hodexo’s Unique Selling Point is that they ensure that all orders are delivered in 3 days of ordering. They manage to do this since they have their own warehouses and that is the reason for fast delivery of products to all their customers.

They currently have 230 registered customers on their site and have received more than 1500 orders in the very first week of their operation. Hodexo team is all set to become the numero uno in the field of Industrial equipments.

Hodexo aims at becoming India’s largest online store for Industrial, Safety, Welding, Hand tools, Power tool, Martial Handling equipment in the days to come.

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