Quikr has launched Quikr Doorstep to revolutionise consumer-to-consumer buying and selling in India.

knowstartup_QUIKRKUnder the new initiative, called Quikr Doorstep, Quikr will facilitate price negotiation, payment, pickup and delivery. The latest initiative, which is part of Quikr’s verticalization drive, will help the company grow beyond a listing platform to a full-fledged marketplace for used goods.

The services will be currently available for all categories including mobile phones, electronics and appliances and household furniture.

Quikr had identified five key business segments—automobiles, real estate, jobs, services and customer-to-customer sales—to focus on in an attempt to explore new sources of revenue and fend off competition from other venture capital-backed businesses that have emerged in each of these categories.

Pranay Chulet, Founder & CEO, Quikr said,

“We have always been good at bringing out real innovations that are needed in the classifieds business in India, and Quikr Doorstep is another great example of that. It addresses genuine consumer issues of trust, payment and logistics in C2C transactions in the country. It also directly puts us in the middle of the transaction loop, making us the only player in India that is monetizing this category in a meaningful way. In a nutshell, Quikr Doorstep further strengthens our leadership in terms of size as well as monetization in C2C categories which have been core to our business since the very beginning.”

“For cars and homes, it will be more lead generation. In the services and jobs categories, we are attaching a fee to the success of the transaction. For cars and homes, it will be less (about) transactions going through Quikr. For jobs and services, some of the transactions will go through Quikr and on the selling and buying of goods, all transactions will go through Quikr,” Chulet had said.

Anurag Saran, CPO, Quikr said,

“We always make it a point to change with and for our consumers. Close to six months ago, we began testing some of the Quikr Doorstep features on our platform and from that early stage to now, we’ve already rolled this service across all our product categories. With various innovations such as real-time negotiation and payments on our chat platform and the introduction of partial payment as an option for buyers, we have witnessed 10x growth in the number of transactions going through our platform vs last quarter.”

Quikr Doorstep has been consistently seeing over 100% month-on-month growth in volume and the average transaction value on the service has also doubled since launch, said the company.

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