Daily commuting is a big challenge in India especially in metropolitan cities where people face certain challenges to travel to work which grow by every passing day due to the ever-growing industry and traffic congestion. In such situations all one aspires for is some solution which might bring ease to commuting, so that one might reach the destination without much hassle. This is the problem that EasyCommute found worth solving.knowstartup-easycommute3EasyCommute is an intra-city mobile-based AC Bus Shuttle Service with an aim of making daily commute easy for working professionals by cutting down the frustration to stand in a bus or wait for an auto. Easy Commute is running AC minibuses aggregated from travel agencies in Hyderabad and providing a Confirmed Seat with free access of High-speed Wi-Fi (4G) in the vehicle on a very affordable price starting from a mere Rs.15/-.


Team EasyCommute

This innovative startup was founded in the year 2015 in Hyderabad by Rahul and Mayank. Faced with the problem for years, Rahul Jain wanted to find a solution, not only for himself, but everyone. And thus conceived the idea of EasyCommute. He discussed his idea with his friend Mayank Chawla and the idea was converted into a business model and EasyCommute came alive in October, 2015.

EasyCommute currently have 12 team members including android developer, Backend developers, Marketing and Operational team. The entire team aims at providing stress-free commute experience by providing AC, free Wi-Fi and confirmed seat.

Commuter safety is EasyCommute’s first priority, to make sure the safety of commuters, EasyCommute is arranging one ​attendant to each shuttle and providing a SoS feature in the application so that user can notify it’s security vigilance team in case of any emergency. EasyCommute also started ​a women-only shuttle. EasyCommute runs in optimal routes to provide services to maximum possible people. They currently have an android app, which can be used for bookings. knowstartup-easycommute2They currently have 5500+ android users who actively use the services. EasyCommute is planning to mitigate and eventually solve the problem of daily commuting by operating all over the city and at a maximum frequency possible in the future. They are even planning to start a shuttle every 15 minutes on each route they are currently operating so that they can make a difference to the people and the society at large. They are targeting around 2000 rides/day with 25000 users in next four months.

This startup looks like a welcome initiative for all the daily commuters and if response is favourable, we would like to see people availing the benefits in other cities as well.

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