Touchkin, a predictive care startup has raised $400,000 in seed funding from a group of angel investors. The bunch of investors include Alok Mittal (ex-Canaan Partners), Amit Gupta (cofounder of InMobi), Anuj Srivastava (CEO of Livspace), Himanshu Aggarwal (CEO of Aspiring Minds), Raghunandan G (cofounder TaxiForSure) and Puneet Agarwal (cofounder of Moneyview).

Jo Aggarwal, who is the co-founder of Bengaluru-based Touchkin, says-

“Our platform uses passive data from smartphone sensors to create a picture of a person’s well being and identify potential health issues. This is very powerful, because unlike most mobile health apps it doesn’t require any change in user behaviour,” - touchkin image

Touchkin makes use of sensors in the smartphone to determine the time when a person may be in need of care. Its machine learning platform identifies potential health issues through changes in communication, sleep patterns and activity as tracked passively from a person’s phone. Its free of charge application, Stay-Close, shows family members who stay away from the family, how their near and dear ones are back at home. The app also triggers alerts if their activity levels drop in a significant measure.

The enterprise solution focuses on chronic illness and mental health to enable care providers by letting them know which of their patients may need a follow up. Anuj Srivastava, an investor says-

“Touchkin is applying machine learning to healthcare in a unique and potentially disruptive manner. It is exciting to see companies like this building innovative products for the global market, starting in India,”

 Touchkin was started by Jo Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati in 2015. This startup is another step in making use of mobile phones to maintain and track health related issues.

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