Mobile ads are a great marketing tool for companies, however, it is equally unwarranted and unwanted for the viewers as it destroys the user experience.While on one hand people love playing mobile games, but they are extremely irritated, annoyed with the mobile ads.  Well not anymore, since, GreedyGame is here to solve the problem.KNOWSTARTUP-GREEDYGAMES2GreedyGame is an in-game native advertising platform that helps brands to tap into their precise target demographic; publishers to monetise their content without the fear of compromising on quality or losing their audience base; and end-users to enjoy games seamlessly, without annoying ads interrupting their gaming experience.

By making use of in-game assets such as background, characters, power-ups, etc. this platform seamlessly blends ads within the mobile gaming experience. Their dynamic, native ads help advertise engage audiences while they are playing mobile  games, empowers game developers to monetise their game development efforts though non-intrusive advertising, and allows gamers to enjoy gaming content without having to deal with distractive advertising.


Arpit Jain & Arink Verma- Co-founders GreedyGame

They pick the best games that suit your brand and campaign. They add a pinch of smart bucketing to filter out the audience which matter to your brand. Their creative team blows your mind with stunning brand material designed just for you. GreedyGame Media Pvt Ltd. is based out of Bangalore and was founded in the year 2013 by Arpit Jain and Arink Verma. Arpit Jain, an alumnus of IIT Ropar, has previously worked with PayPal Innovation Labs and led several social entrepreneurship projects such as LabourChowk and FarmFresh, before starting GreedyGame. When not burning the midnightoil at the HQ, he enjoys playing cricket and Counter-Strike, where he’s famously known as ‘Lord AJ’. Arink Verma is a geek at heart and soul. While his batch mates at IIT were slogging through assignments, he was busy hacking the Google Summer of Code in optimising NumPY architecture and creating language translators, building apps for the Government to simplify application for Government IDs and founding a startup to empower local store owners to sell inventory online, all during his college time.

They currently have a team of 16 which includes 15 humans and 1 puppy.


Team GreedyGame

This innovative startup has already raised $ 230,000 worth of funds from investors like Times Internet, MoneyOnMobile, etc. They are currently looking for Series A funding. Their future plans include expansion to the Middle East and South East Asia. They are also looking at building a truly-native branding platform for video and images and additionally building advertising for the “skip generation” through a content focused approach.

They were the only company from India 2014 for Google for Entrepreneurs (Blackbox) – Oct 15.  With the kind of work they are doing, they are sure entitled to reach the helm in a short span of time.

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