Auro Robotics is a venture that took shape in IIT Kharagpur in India and is now playing at the very center of Silicon Valley. They  are currently doing pilots in Santa Clara University in Bay Area. Auro Robotics was founded in 2013 by graduates of CMU’s Robotics Institute, the IIT Kharagpur Robotics Research Group, and Y-Combinator, Nalin Gupta, Jit Ray Chowdhury and Srinivas Reddy. It was launched to apply their work on self-driving shuttles to the campus market.

As per the latest developments, Auro Robotics, an autonomous campus shuttle service, has raised $2 Mn in a funding round led by Motus Ventures and supported by Rothenberg Ventures.

The amount raised through this funding round would be utilised  towards rolling out autonomous campus shuttle services at a major American university later this year, marking one of the most advanced deployments of self-driving cars to date.

The major investor Motus Ventures helps entrepreneurs scale technologies that transform transportation, industrial, health and food systems. While speaking about the development Jim DiSanto, managing partner at Motus Ventures mentioned,

“Private campuses are an ideal springboard toward a world of fully automated vehicles. Operating at lower speeds, free of complex government regulations, with the right technologies we can go completely driverless today versus in nine years, as projected for public transportation. We’ve seen strong demand for around-the-clock autonomous shuttle services on college and corporate campuses, military bases and retirement communities, and Auro Robotics is in a strong position to lead the way in unlocking the market.”

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