Irritated by useless gifts? Not sure what to gift a dear friend on their wedding, birthday? Lost in what to gift your younger sibling? You are a corporate and are wondering about how to make your awards and recognition more valuable and enjoyable for the employee- How about gifting an experience! Yes, Giftxoxo is making it possible. Giftxoxo provides rewards,recognition and gifting platform for individuals and even for corporates for handling employee engagement and rewards. This SaaS platform can be used to seamlessly build the culture of appreciation in companies. Giftxoxo provides a unique reward catalog in the form of exclusive experiences and activities which are handpicked from over 1000 vendors across India and globally. It also provides an option to redeem the points on utilities and gift vouchers.

The Bengaluru based startup was founded in 2012, by a group of four- Manoj Agarwal, Sumit Khandelwal, Abhishek and Kushal Agarwal. The company cam into existence when the founders, spotted this need gap in the market and launched an innovative concept of Experiences in the country. Manoj is an MBA from IIM Kozhikode and a Computer Science B.Tech from PEC Chandigarh. He has over 10 yrs of experience in technology, marketing and operations. He has worked with companies like Yahoo, Manipal Education and Flipkart. Sumit is a MBA from Tapmi and B.Tech from NIT Nagpur. Sumit has over 9 years of experience in sales, marketing and finance. He has worked with companies like Hexaware, Wipro Consumer, Metro Cash & Carry. Abhishek is a B.Tech from IIT Bombay with over 9 years of experience in technology. He has worked with companies like Nettpositive and was one of the co-founders with EveningFlavors. Kushal is an MBA from Welingkar college. He has over 4 years of experience in sales and marketing. He has worked with an African FMCG company prior to Giftxoxo.

Life at Giftxoxo.

Taking exclusively to, Manoj says-

“Our USP is in our unique range of experiences and activities. Giftxoxo is one of the pioneers in the experience gifting industry in India. We work with close to 1000 vendors bringing very unique experiences for our customers.”

Apart from the founders the Giftxoxo has a strong team of around 100+ people. The major team sits in Bangalore with regional offices in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai. The startup currently has functions like technology, sales, marketing, logistics, customer support etc. The startup works with over 600 corporate clients and over 1 lac direct consumers. Through its corporate reach, it has over 25 lacs B2B2C consumers. Giftxoxo works with the major MNCs globally. The company is working towards becoming one of the largest Rewards and experience gifting company globally. Its mobile app Frogo is taking this to next level through a consumer market app for booking experiences and activities on the go. - giftxoxo exp

This summer- gift an experience!

At the start of this year, acquired Actizone, a startup focused around discovery and booking of kids related activities. This was a strategic acquisition in order to broaden its offering by including a variety of options in the kids segment as well. Prior to this the startup had acqui-hired Yipeedo, a recommendation engine that assisted city dwellers to discover and book leisure activities.

The company’s efforts have been towards providing experiences across various categories including gourmet, adventure, tours & getaways, health & wellness, arts & learning and philanthropy. These experiences and activities can be booked from the location based mobile app Frogo or gifted via the website By sticking to a simple platform, standardized pricing, high quality offering the company ensures that customers are delighted each and every time. The Giftxoxo consultants work closely with service providers across categories to educate them and ensure that best exclusive offering is available for the customers.

With India being a country of festivals and the corporates trying their best to keep the employee happy, this market is only going to grow bigger with every passing day!

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