Zomato is entering into sale of Cloud based Point of Sale product for Restaurants called Zomato Base.  This development is in a bid to boost revenues by means of new business verticals.

The company has already been working with some restaurants in the pilot phase of the product, these also include food trucks or mobile food vans in Gurgaon. Beer chain ‘The Beer Cafe” will be the first to deploy it across all of its 35 outlets.The company also plans to net a fine-dining restaurant chain soon. Cofounder of Zomato Pankaj Chaddhah, says-

“In its initial version, the product was workable only for certain types. We have now added multiple modules so that the product will be widely applicable to all sorts of restaurants…Fine dining is one of the most complicated categories of restaurants in terms of managing their backends.”


The company claims to increase its  revenue significantly with this new product in the next two years. For 2014-15, the company recorded an operating revenue of Rs 96.7 crore and loss before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation of Rs 136 crore. The company also claims that it might be able to break even operationally by mid 2016.

In April 2015, they acquired a 4 year old Delhi based startup MapleGraph that built MaplePOS, a cloud-based point of sale product for restaurants. Zomato worked on the MaplePOS to launch ‘Zomato Base’. MaplePOS was Zomato’s first acquisition of a restaurant-focused product outside their core business. Zomato Base is an Android-based POS system that will help restaurants manage a host of operations including menu, recipe and inventory management and has a builtin payment solution that accepts debit and credit card payments, CRM and real-time analytics.

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