Inventory management is one of the biggest concerns for any entrepreneur. And knowing when and how to dispose of excess inventory is even more important from business point of view. This is the are where Pune based Tradexs comes as a rescue.


Tradexs is an efficient B2B marketplace to trade in excess inventory in a transparent, organized and profitable way. They facilitate interaction between sellers and buyers to trade in such inventory in a mutually beneficial way.

They help modern manufacturing units which, in spite of using latest management systems, face a perennial challenge in terms of excess inventory. These units have to deal with issues like blocked capital, wasted storage space, avoidable expenditure for maintaining and insuring this excess inventory. At the same time Tradexs helps the buyers to seek options to source their requirements at a competitive rate and with significantly reduced procurement time. Tradexs is an ideal platform for both the sellers and buyers facing these issues.


This being an online technology platform, a seller can reach out to many more prospective buyers. From a buyer’s perspective, he has a number of options to source his inventory at a competitive rate and also with significantly reduced procurement time. Tradexs has identified a very specific problem faced by industries world over and also have a robust technology platform to solve this problem. Being an online platform, Tradexs has immense scalability and has no geographic limitations.



Team Tradexs

Founded by Milind Joshi, Pradeep Beri and Rohit Lalwani in 2015, this innovative startup is based out of Pune.  Milind has been a veteran in industry with over 30 years of work experience. He has worked with TCS, Persistent systems and has executed his own startups in past. He has been mentoring startups since over a decade in Pune and consulting various manufacturing companies on technology systems and business strategy. He is an IIT Bombay alumnus and has also chaired IT panel with CII Pune. Milind is the CEO at Tradexs. Pradeep has been a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of work experience. He currently runs a Brand Management company and helps his clients (mostly SMEs) with their marketing initiatives. He is a MICA alumnus and actively contributes to entrepreneurial ecosystem in his community. And, Rohit is a parallel entrepreneur and entrepreneurship coach. He has developed a course in entrepreneurship and teaches the same at premier engineering/management Schools – CIIE IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Indore, IIT Mumbai & Kharagpur etc. He comes with a wide corporate experience (Asian Paints), running family business (Wonder Bath) and start-up companies (TalentBridge Technologies & Sparkpluggers Innovation Lab) spanning over a decade. Apart from the three founders, the core team comprises of Vivek Shesh who is the VP Marketing for Tradexs and Deepak Sood, who is the VP for Sales. Both of them have over 30 years of work experience of working closely with manufacturing and allied industries.


Tradexs is a disruptive idea which focuses exclusively on trading excess inventory, an area which has been highly ignored. Moreover this problem will always cease to exist which gives Tradexs ample opportunities to scale up & succeed, even in due course. Markets booming across the sectors will result in higher GDP and government initiatives likes ‘Make in India’ will give a boost to the industry. Also global competition is forcing companies to improve their bottom lines. Tradexs will be able to develop a circular economy and reduce excess purchase from foreign countries to certain extent. The resources available in the country will be duly utilized with the help of Tradexs. In short, not directly but indirectly Tradexs will contribute to the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

In the days to come, Tradexs plans to list over 20 crores worth of excess inventory by 30th May, followed by a focus on empanelling potential buyers for such inventory. Tradexs is also working on raising investments and diversify in more sectors and manufacturing cities.Tradexs has a roadmap for next 18 months which includes trading of excess inventory, excess capacity and sale of entire plants. It also aspires to em-panel 250 marquee customers each with excess inventory listing of over Rs. 1 crore each.

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