Well with business being the buzz word, what makes a difference is who gets better leads and how well they are converted. It so happens that sometimes a business that looks very promising on paper fails because of lack of potential customers and this in-turn is an end result of a failure to generate leads. But, there is one startup that will rescue you out of any such situation and the name is LeadSquared.



Nilesh Patel – Founder LeadSquared

LeadSquared was founded in 2012 by Nilesh Patel . Nilesh Patel, CEO, LeadSquared.com is focused on the mission of making LeadSquared the software of choice for business marketers world-wide. He brings his decade long experience in sales and marketing to the team. Previously, Nilesh was the founder of Proteans, a recognized leader in software product development services space. He helped build the company from scratch to 350 people strong serving over 100 ISVs world-wide, before it was acquired by Symphony Teleca Corporation in 2010. Nilesh is joined in his venture by Sudhakar Giroti as the Chief Product Officer, Prashant Singh as the Chief Customer Officer and Sukhbir Kalsi as the Vice President of Product Development.

LeadSquared is the complete customer acquisition platform. It bridges the gap between sales and marketing teams and gives the user a complete view of the lead journey. That means, right from the time the lead is captured (through chat or call or Facebook or Twitter or PPC ads) to the time he converts and later, the lead activity can be tracked! Unique features like engagement scoring provides a smart insight into the lead’s requirements, enabling the sales team to sell better. Insightful analytics, smart reporting and a simple UI makes it a must-have software for your business. More importantly, having LeadSquared minimizes the need to have a host of other supporting software to aid your marketing and sales effort. It combines landing pages, drip campaigns, email marketing, lead management and lead capture all in one awesome package.

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