How many times have you been wondering what to do to come out of your mundane life? Well we think this is an everyday story for most of us. But what hampers this is limited or no information available about the events around us. This is the concern that was well understood by a bunch of friends and that is how Brisky came into existence.


Brisky is your personal concierge that helps you discover, share as well as book local events of your own interests. Local events are events or experiences that are happening in your city which are not publicized in any form of media thus making them difficult to discover. The use-case that Brisky addresses is, spontaneous planning, for instance, when you want to know what are the interesting events/experiences happening around you now when you get out of your office, this is where Brisky helps you. Hence, the basic premise of Brisky is that it’s a product for the end-consumer, catering to their needs unlike other platforms who are dedicated to helping businesses sell more tickets.


Team Brisky

Brisky is based out of Pune and was founded in 2015 by Jatin Bhatia and Rajesh Bhutada. Jatin is an ex-ZS Associates as a Business analyst for 1 year, NIT Trichy, whereas Rajesh is an ex-Verity Knowledge Solutions (UBS) as an Investment Banking Analyst for 1 year, CFA Level 1, NIT Trichy. Both the co-founders are college friends and know each other for the past 6.5 years. The team at Brisky comprises of members including graduates from NIT Trichy, IIIT Allahabad & Jaypee Institute with the experience in organizations including ZS Associates, Tiny Owl, Dolat Capital and UBS Verity.

Brisky is a personalized platform that recommends to it’s users events/experiences in line with their own interests so that they don’t miss out on events of their interests. And it adds that social component that helps you bind with other like minded people. Event are social activities and nobody goes for an event alone. There is a strong underlying network effect in the events space which Brisky  wants to leverage by incorporating social recommendations from facebook friends. Friend’s recommendations is still the biggest source of event discovery and this real world behavior is what they want to replicate on their platform. In short, Brisky will be your personal assistant which would help you in making the most of your leisure time.

Since their launch in November 2015, they have majorly focused only on Nightlife category with operations based out of Pune. They have so far listed more than 2500+ events on their platform and have 3000+ users with 70 premium pubs and nightclubs as their partners with an average number of bookings being 700+ at a weekly rate of 70-80 bookings.


They recently got incubated by Spark10 Accelerator which is India’s first European Accelerator providing international mentors, startup funding and global business support. The top 10 accepted startups among 500 applications are currently being taken through an intensive 13 weeks program in Hyderabad.

Brisky is now planning to expand in Hyderabad and consolidate its position in Pune. The founders believe that Hyderabad has an active nightlife and a big IT crowd (Target Group) which would help them grow further in coming months.

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