Shopsense Retail Technology a complete B2B play where retailers buy the Product-as-a-Service at a brand level to deploy at various stores. Shopsense has a range of products which can be used by brands to help customers. For instance, a shopper can browse through the entire range on a screen at a shop and ask for interaction with friends on social networks while making a decision.


Mumbai-based Shopsense Retail Technology , the startup behind fashion shopping app Fynd, has launched Fify , a fashion shopping bot that the company hopes will contribute 25 per cent of its revenue within the next three months. Fify is now in the beta phase and the startup claims it has seen over 50,000 conversations since its launch on Facebook Messenger a week ago.

Ronak Modi , product manager at, while talking about the launch of Fify mentioned,

“Right now phase one is operational, where product discovery is possible through Fify. Users can converse with her and learn about different products. We are training her internally and updating her with information through our fashion blog The Closet,”

Modi further added,

“End users can have a one point connect with different brands, receiving updates through conversations with the bot that will eventually grow to understand their style based on their online behaviour. Eventually the bot will be able to predict what they are likely to buy,” and “Facebook might open up a platform where people can purchase directly through Facebook Messenger. That could change the way we interact with bots,”

The company expects to see over 100,000 conversations taking place with Fify. The company is also aiming for close partnerships with ecommerce sites and popular brands.

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