Most households in Hyderabad depends on local supermarkets for their daily grocery and home needs. This means facing problems such as poor quality, virtually no savings, and above all, fuel and time wastage.  Well, not any more, since, we have in town.



Kishore Ganji- CEO, a versatile and innovative online supermarket, was born out of this very simple yet powerful idea. Founded in 2014, is based out of Hyderabad. This innovative initiative was the brainchild of Kishore Ganji. Kishore Ganji the CEO at,is a serial investor with several investments made in US, Singapore and India. Prior to venturing into, he founded Astir IT Solutions Inc., with the core focus on software solutions.He developed the firm into a 35mn company with 300 employees based in New Jersey and California. Besides this, he is on board with Hyderabad and Mumbai Angels. is a versatile and innovative online supermarket based in delivers a wide range of quality grocery & home related products at the best price possible to the households and offices of the bustling city.Staying true to its tagline ‘Ghar Se Ghar Pe’,, is based in Hyderabad. It delivers a wide range of quality grocery & home related products at the best price possible to the households and offices of the bustling city. offers same day delivery on orders made before 1 pm, prompt services, on-the-spot returns on all orders, and the guarantee of freshness at one’s doorstep. Aiming at optimum customer convenience & satisfaction, the online grocery firm skilfully addresses the need for daily household staples right from groceries, fruits & vegetables, beverages, branded foods, personal, pet & home care, meat, organic products, office & stationery and even imported & gourmet items.

knowstartup-zipin3 currently has presence in Hyderabad and Vizag and is an inventory based model. has a strong team background.  The company has so far witnessed a 1500 % annual growth rate. Unlike other players in the market the company deliberately chose to keep the operations in the home base. is a trusted name in Hyderabad-based offices and households for its quality of products, the vast variety of domestic and international brands, same day delivery and regular super saver sales. This along with the absence of competition is likely to pave the way for’s future growth.

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