TargetingMantra, is a predictive marketing technology startup which uses real-time data that comprises how customers are interacting on the website, their past data, their personal preferences and the concerned company’s catalog data to dynamically train their user models.Their solution primarily requires expertise across three fields of computer science – big data (computation of large amount of data), machine learning (algorithms for making computers learn from data) and data mining (making sense from raw data). This innovative startup was founded by Saurabh Nangia and Rahul Singh in the year 2013 and is based out of New Delhi.


As per the latest development at the startup, Jasper Infotech, which owns and operates India’s largest online marketplace, has acquired predictive marketing technology startup TargetingMantra, the New Delhi-headquartered company. However, so far the amount that went into closing the deal has been kept undisclosed.


The acquisition by Jasper is its first, since the company announced its buyout of US-based Reduce Data Inc, a programmatic display advertising platform, in September last year.

Rohit Bansal, chief operating officer at Snapdeal, while speaking about the development said,

“Personalisation is a key piece which helps consumers discover and transact in a fast, frictionless and intuitive manner. The Targeting Mantra team comes with valuable experience in driving superior customer experience through machine learning. We are thrilled to have them join us on our journey towards achieving 20 million daily transacting users by 2020,”

In addition, Saurabh Nangia, co-founder of TargetingMantra mentioned,

“Given Snapdeal’s customer centric approach to technology, TargetingMantra can add immense value to shaping shopping experiences on the platform,”

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