Klozee was launched in July in order to make it possible for customers to access the new ownership, and by treating them to remarkable luxury experiences, thereby changing the paradigm of ownership – and transforming fashion in the process. They want their customers to stay stylish and feel beautiful every time they step outside.


However, the bad news is that the online apparel rental platform Klozee, operated by Bangalore-based Humble Egg Technologies Pvt. Ltd, has shut down just seven months after starting operations, pointing to the challenges faced by players in the pre-owned apparel sale and rental space in India.

Klozee co-founder and CEO Aman Haji mentioned that,

“Demand was a lot slower than we expected. The idea would have taken a lot of money and investment to scale up. So we decided to shut down in January,”

Klozee was co-founded by Haji, Pratik Moona, and Prashant Jain. The three co-founders have now joined home decor marketplace Livspace. According to their LinkedIn profiles, Haji has joined Livspace’s strategy team, Moona has joined as developer and Jain has been appointed general manager.

Speaking about the development, Sujayath Ali, co-founder, Voonik mentioned that,

”Klozee had a great team who were entrepreneurial and fun to work with. So we decided to hire the team. They have been absorbed into various departments of Voonik,”

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