A full grown enterprise or a startup, is nothing without its human resources. A good employee base is an asset for any company. The recent startup race to keep up with the best in the industry and not leave a chance to pick up the best match even from rivals, is a testimony of this fact. And it is not just the employer but even the employee whose ambitions are growing by the day. Everyone wants a job that not just pays well but also adds to meaning and weight to their resume. Delhi based MyHiringBox is acting as a bridge between the employee and the employer. MyHiringBox.com is not just another Staffing website,it is a cloud based online Recruitment Marketplace that enables hiring smart talent.

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Jatinderjit Chimni – Founder MyHiringBox

This startup was founded in 2015 by Jatinderjit Chimni,  who has more than 15 years of experiences in recruitment background handling domestic and international markets. Jatinder has also worked in iGATE to spearhead international recruiting practices & in RATEGAIN(a SaaS based company) to head recruitment department & involved in practices like international & domestic hiring. MyHiringBox.com was conceptualized from his own real life experience of working in the employment sector and all the pain points that he had to face. Some of these problems where the amount of time being spent both before and after the interview process, which was significantly more than that of the interview stage. Another challenge in the process was to handle Spam. He believes that these challenges were hampering business growth and productivity in a big way. This is when the entreprenuer in him, could no longer stay back and he decided to do something about it, to bring a change with MyHiringBox.

Neha Kalra Bathla, is the Co-Founder at MyHiringBox. She has a work experience of 9 years in HR, Sales & Marketing and Consulting. Simranjeet Kaur, who has been working in the PR, Image Consulting & Marketing side of things for more than 5 years now, heads the Business Operations. Aqeel Ahmed with 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, formulation of business strategies is the Advisor for the startup and has also been an investor for many startup ventures.

The startup acts as a global cloud based recruitment marketplace where in employers can easily post their job openings and the global community of individual recruiters, job seekers and recruitment agencies can submit their profiles. These profiles submitted are then duly scrutinized by the startup’s profile matching algorithm and pre-screening team to make the process of hiring easier, scalable and faster. Using the platform, Job seekers can also land fat joining bonuses by applying to various open positions listed on the site.

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MyHiringBox enables employers to crowd-source their recruitment efforts in an open marketplace. Employers can work with reputable independent recruiters, recruitment agencies and everyday people around the world to find the right candidates for their company. It also aims at giving them a chance to market their company to the candidates. Independent Recruiters & Staffing Agencies can convert time consuming and costly sales efforts into what actually makes money for them by placing candidates. Job Seekers can apply to open positions and get joining bonus. Jatinder says:

“Our Product is an India-based technology company devoted to making recruitment faster and easier for its users, and delivering world class customer service with a cheerful edge.”

Started with an aim of streamlining the ages-old methods employed in traditional recruiting processes, the startup already has more than 30 successful clients, 200 Recruitment Agencies and Recruiters on Board, 100 open positions and claims to have had more than 24,000 page views since Jan 2016.

MyHiringBox.com intends to be the one stop shop for recruitment, wherein an employer will be able to post a job to marketplace and various job boards with a click of a button. They plan to add various features to the model like Vendor management, Automated creation of Job Description, Video JD, Video interviewing, Assessment tests (both tech & non tech), Machine learning to improve the algorithm based on historical data, Developing BI and Analytics tools for Business and HR for recruitment.

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