With the ease that e-commerce has provided, buying online has become the go to thing for everyone around. However, what this lacks sometimes in the option to try products before buying them like we do in case of normal brick and mortar stores. There is one startup which has used this pain point to create a difference and the name is TryKaro.


TryKaro is a platform to minimize the risk involved in buying of products/services through technology driven approach mixed with actual human interfaces. TryKaro is a web ( & mobile platform under development ) based platform where customers can get trial of products before actually buying them, thus helps them in making better buying decision. Simultaneously TryKaro helps companies in reaching out to new customers by providing them experiential marketing and also helps in understanding customers buying patterns .


Team – TryKaro

Trknowstartup-trykaro1yKaro , a Bit Ignitor Company is based out of Bangalore and was founded in 2015 by Brij Purohit, Gaurav Manchanda, Pankaj Agarwal and K.Venkatesh. Brij Purohit has worked in Samsung on cutting edge latest technologies for about two years subsequent to which he joined a cloud security startup and filed 4 patents. Gaurav Manchanda has great coding skills in almost all technologies and is brilliant in writing structural and well defined code stack. Pankaj Agarwal has been brought up in a business family and is well proficient in finance. And, K. Venkatesh has a Post Graduate Diploma from IIM Bangalore,Bachelor of Electronics Engineering from Bangalore University, alumnus of Alliance Francaise, polyglot (speaks 6 languages fluently), has infotech experience of more than two decades, worked with global brands like Adobe and Yahoo; author of two best-selling business books and has been teaching business studies since 2003. Venkatesh is responsible for marketing, sales and corporate strategy. Including the founders, the company has a total employee strength of 6 currently.

They consider helping consumers in assessing the risk which they put while buying the product by using blend of cutting edge technology in mobile and web application using AR and traditional methods of trying the product before they buying so consumers can make better buying decision. As of today four companies have been using our service for understanding their customers and 400+ customers have registered with us for this. They have been recognized by 3 Startup award programs in technology and innovation field.

They are currently focused towards team building, customer engagement and customer acquisition. Post this, the company expects to be in a position to begin the data syndication campaigns by 2016 Q3. Their long term goal is to expand its operation in other major cities and be one of the major companies providing customer centric user experience.

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