Almost each one of us has found oneself handicapped ,at one point or the other , while trying to get in touch with the right professionals at critical times. The joy of handholding, the beauty of guiding us to resolution of problems and the ability to pick the right person at that time has not been so forthcoming. This is what led a bunch of enthusiasts to kick start a project to change all this and bring choices at the tap of your fingers and hence, Gmento came to existence.


New Delhi/ NCR based Gmento, was founded in 2015 by Ashok Kumar Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, Pankaj Wadhwa and Sanjay Pandey. Ashok who is the Founder and Director of the startup is a strategy and corporate development enthusiast with keen eye for new business vertical initiation. With Degree in Science and Masters in Business Development and 20 plus years of experience with leading business groups , he set up successful ongoing ventures in International Trade and believes in challenging conventional work culture. Rajesh who is the Co Founder & Director, is a hands on manager with keen interest in marketing , vendor development and client servicing. A Chemical Engineer and Masters in Business Administration coupled with 20 plus years of experience with leading companies , he enjoys meeting people and brings in flair of operational efficiency to the organization. Pankaj who is another Co Founder & Chief Technology Officer,  has ventured entrepreneurship as a hands-on techie in his college days. Pankaj has acquired a rich technical experience at CashEdge, MindFire, PitneyBowes and other startups in Technology space. Pankaj earned his BTech (IT) from Kurukshetra University and has done his masters from IIM-Lucknow. He has maintained and implemented corporate objectives as established in order to execute business strategies and customer relationship management. And last but not the least, Sanjay who is also the Chief Operations Manager, started his first IT venture in his IIT days while pursuing M.Tech at IIT Kharagpur and extended the same passion for entrepreneurship as well. Sanjay’s role in the company is to drive innovation , explore new business and devise operations strategy to develop and promote company’s overall objectives. Sanjay has earned ample technical experience at Infosys, Computer Science Corporation and Mapinfo.


This startup works through a mobile app, and Gmento mobile app is the answer to all your queries in search of right, reliable, trustworthy and background checked professionals / service providers and stands out as compared to other on-line solutions. Gmento is a combination of technology and manual process  which helps connect users with provider seamlessly. There are no firewall of virtual contact numbers and hidden data, hence, helping users find the right person for job. In addition to assisting the end user, Gmento helps fuel the business growth for service providers and professionals. The Gmento team is a cohesive unit , motivated & determined to scale up project without fear of failure.

Gmento caters to fields as diverse as Business , Health & Fitness , Legal , Education , Professional Services and Home Services. And , Frientor Forum , wherein user can raise any query irrespective of the subject and can seek advice from fellow users. What differentiates Gmento from competition is that Gmento has a visual and rich content based listings, relevant , specific and verified profiles and stringent on boarding process for better profile listings. In addition to this it has no irrelevant categories and therefore focused search and transparent access to listed data without any cloud.

Gmento mobile app was launched on Google Play Store on April 14th , 2016 and within a very short span more than 1000 professionals and service providers have already registered themselves on the platform through stringent on-boarding process and many more are in the queue as background verification process is underway. Gmento aspires to be one app with multiple solutions. The user is not required to download multiple apps for different service providers from diverse fields. Gmento will continue to enlist only verified , trustworthy and reliable professionals and shall , in future , enable transactions in certain key categories of expert service providers.

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