How many of you out there are in love with the products you buy, be it shoes,bags,etc. Well we think most of us are. However, with time and the normal wear and tear that takes place, these prized possessions loose their charm, and we are not able to use it like we would want to. In such a situation, we look around for solutions that might help us refurbish these products so that we may flaunt them again. “We Do Repairs” is one such startup which helps solve this problem.


Shoe Industry in India had been destined to flourish, which it surely did, rather still doing. It is no wonder that India is the second largest producer of footwear in the world, at present. With rising number of shoes & brands flowing in the shoe market, the demand for shoe repair and refurbishment has also tremendously grown. Catering to this ever rising need of shoe repair, Sourabh Kapoor started a company called We Do Repairs Pvt. Ltd.

“We Do Repairs” offers a varied array of services. From shoe repair to shoe dry-cleaning to caring for your handbags, WeDoShoes seems to cater to all those with shoes and handbags issues. Well, many might speculate that the services offered by We Do Repairs were present in the market before the inception of this company. This might be true; however, what makes different and unique is their niche market for branded and upmarket shoes and handbags. That is not all, the USP of this company is Free Pick and Delivery by placing order at their Helpline from anywhere within Delhi & NCR. This company thrives at customer satisfaction and customer convenience.


Sourabh Kapoor- Founder “WeDoRepairs”

This innovative startup was founded by Sourabh Kapoor in the year 2015. Sourabh Kapoor is an entrepreneur, who has worked with MNC such as Blackberry, Nimbus, Ericsson, to name a few. Sourabh is a MS in Computer Science from University of Texas, Dallas. He is a Technopreneur at Craterzone Pvt. Ltd., viz a global leader in mobility solutions, IT outsourcing management, customised software development, IT staff augmentation and digital marketing. Sourabh is backed, in the venture of WeDoShoes, by Roy de Souza, who owns and operates ZEDO, one of the most influential advertising agencies in the US. Roy is an MBA graduate from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

While talking about his startup, Saurabh mentioned,

 “Well, when I was in the United States, everything seemed so streamed. There were good services for almost everything that you needed, even for shoes. When I returned to India, everything was quite the opposite,” said Sourabh Kapoor, the CEO. “I love my shoes and hated the idea that I have to throw them away even for the minutest defects in them. I did not trust the street cobblers with my expensive shoes and thus I decided to start the company,”

“WeDoShoes” are a company with trained & certified professionals with more than a decade of experience in the footwear and accessories industry, who are wholeheartedly committed to the concept of Shoe Repair & DryClean. Being cost effective is of utmost importance and therefore without any compromise on the quality of work, they endeavour to provide the most feasible pricing for their services, which is inclusive of shipping, through a variety of payment methods. WeDoShoes is different and unique with their niche market being branded and upmarket shoes and handbags. With their continuous efforts at guaranteeing customer satisfaction, the startup is taking in orders for about 40-50 pairs of shoes to be repaired on a daily basis.


They are currently  focusing on Delhi/NCR, however, in near future they are planning to expand to multiple cities through Franchise Program. The ultimate goal is to create and expand market space for refurbished goods.

The market looks good for this startup and we hope that more such startups come up in the days to come which would take the market for refurbished goods to greater heights.

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