A real man doesn’t do his laundry and doesn’t let his women do it either, That’s what they say when they promote their brand and named it one “The Moustache Laundry”, Moustache depicting a real man.

They have quite well helped people achieved their true status They aim to provide the most convenient and hassle free way to get laundry done. A typical transaction starts using their android app/ website, through which one may schedule a pickup for any time between 10 AM and 10 PM, any day of the week. They are real quick, they’ll pick up your clothes and do all the cleaning required. When your clothes are ready, they’ll send you a notification on the app or call you, and you can schedule a delivery at a time convenient to you.

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Team- The Moustache Laundry

The Moustache laundry started in 2015 in Pune by two chartered accountants, Sameer Jain and Gurdeep Singh. After working in MNCs like Ernst and Young, GE and Sudit K Parekh and Co. The duo has done quite well. While, Sameer Jain heads the Marketing and Strategy. Gurdeep Singh handles Operations, Technology and Finance With their zeal to make a difference they have been able to provide creative solutions for complex problems.

The start-up is currently funded by a group of angels for an undisclosed amount.

They currently employ a team of about 23 people, typically a blue collared job. They hire people from different parts of Maharashtra, generally from drought hit areas. They not just hire the staff but also train these people and help them get a well-paid job.

The Moustache Laundry offers- affordability, convenience and quick turnaround time. What creates a differentiation is the business model wherein, they follow a mix of aggregation and in-house. They outsource some part of washing, while ironing is kept in-house and hence, they have a 100% quality check and that’s why they have 95% happy customer rate. They provide customization to the extent and hence can get clothes laundered as per the special needs of each and every individual.


They are currently serving about 35-40 orders per day with its presence in only six areas of Pune with more than 1300 customers and a growth rate of 25% month-on-month with 75% repeat customers
The start-up, positions itself to become market leader at offering customers a uniform and hassle free way of getting their laundry done. It plans to connect millions of household customers and commercial customers through its online portal.

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