Global phone directory app Truecaller has updated its filtering algorithm, the new update of the app comes up with new features giving more possibilities to people using the app. And now Truecaller can now identify unknown numbers from messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, Viber or Telegram.

It takes just one simple step to enable this feature. Go to Truecaller settings, select General and enable the Messaging apps option which is under the Auto search. We tried this feature with WhatsApp and it works, but not always. We deleted some contacts from our phone book and asked them to ping us on WhatsApp. Just like it does when you get a call, a Truecaller notification popped up telling us it had identified an unknown number.


However, the notification did not pop up for every unknown number. It seems that the feature needs more polishing. It is quite likely to work the same way for other apps. This feature, however, is only available on Android smartphones and not on iPhones.

Truecaller’s most recent update brought in features like Smart Call History and Availability. One of the key features of the latest update was the introduction of a dialer app in the main Truecaller app itself. This feature allows you to directly place calls from within the app. The Smart Call History replaces all unknown numbers in your call history with real names and photos from the Truecaller database. The Availability feature shows a green dot and a red beside the contact to tell if they are available or busy respectively, allowing you to chat with them. But the chatting option is only viable if your contacts have Truecaller as well.


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