Urban Ladder has announced twenty-six weeks (six months) of maternity leave from thirteen weeks for its full-time women employees.


Previously, women employees going on maternity leave could take three months of paid leave and an additional three months of unpaid leave.

Now The employees can opt for additional three months of part-time work at regular pay basis or three months of unpaid leave. The benefits which came into effect from April this year, also apply to the adoption and surrogacy cases.

“We have a healthy female to male diversity ratio of 38:62 and we believe this is a key catalyst to our business performance. We’ve noticed that career progression of many female employees coincides at the time when they decide to start families. Some of them decide to stop working leading to a leaky pipeline of high potential women at the middle of the pyramid. Revising the maternity leave policy is the first step towards ensuring we give them the required support they need to pursue their career goals while raising a family,” said Geetika Metha, Vice-president – HR, Urban Ladder.

the company also provides Rs. 1 lakh of coverage for normal and C-section deliveries. Urban Ladder has around 350 employees in its corporate team.

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