We have come a long way, in terms of technology and its use to make lives easier. With the unprecedented growth of Internet and Smart phone  users, everything has been simplified to button clicks all in the comfort of your home. This is what Zappajobs is trying to do in the field of recruitment. It is not just another job portal but a unique 4th generation job portal. It is the first of its kind mobile application for job search and recruitment facilities at all positions across the globe. Zappajobs the one stop solution for all recruitment process; is a self-sufficient mechanism driving world’ largest industries, companies and student community under one platform.

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CEO – R Arun Kumar

Mumbai based startup was founded in 2015 by R Arun Kumar along with Sunaina Agarwal, Prabhat Kumaar Gouda and Gurudayal Singh. Arun, did his bachelors from Annamalai University and heads the venture as its CEO. Sunaina who did her bachelors from the St. Anthony’s and Masters from Pondicherry University, is the Executive Director. Prabhat is the COO and Gurudayal heads the Design. Team Zappa consists of 12 individuals from diverse background with the passion of customizing technology to suit the recruitment industries needs.

Catering to global recruitment process, Zappajobs allows convenient scheduling of interviews for the job seekers. Potential recruiters can choose from the database of job seekers across all domains globally. To an added advantage, Zappajobs offers exceptional features like:

  • Resume Building- Customized detailed, industry specific resume building,
  • Aptitude test- Fully supervised aptitude test mechanism that supports apt job search capabilities as per your skillset
  • Audio and Video calling- Real time video call facilities that make your interviews hassle free.
  • Video Archive – Recruiters can save the video call as a file and use it for future reference.
  • Analytics- Customized in depth reports available for clients as per their requirement.
  • Customer Support – The venture provides 24X7 customer support

Arun tells Knowstartup.com :

“The archive feature embedded in the application is certainly the extraordinary characteristic that defines the uniqueness of the brand.”

Zappajobs not only helps you find the jobs available, but also suggests the right one as per the eligibility of the job seeker. Zappajobs the most efficient job search application allows you to virtually attend a job interview,with  real time video interview connecting the HR and candidate anywhere across  the globe. You can do it as per your convenience anytime and anywhere just with Zappajobs. Arun adds:

“Real Time Video Interviews, Effective Sourcing , Lowest Recruitment Cost, Helps companies take a better informed decision on recruiting a candidate thus lowering attrition”

Zappajobs is going to launch its Mobile app on the 17th of May 2016. The venture currently claims to have more than 1000 successfully placed candidates and around 100 companies that have linked them selves to the portal. Zappajobs also has plans to expand into the South East Asian Market in near future and set up an office in Singapore.

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