Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India to ensure that Government services are made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. One company who is working towards realizing this dream of GOI is Chikoop.


Chikoop is a unique initiative in Line with Indian Government’s Digital India Campaign where we are connecting every Indian with telephony services at zero cost. We envision to democratize the ability to connect & express oneself irrespective of who you are, where you are & how much you can afford.


Founders – Chikoop

Based out of Indore, Chikoop was founded by Neeraj Sharda and Sudhanshu Goyal  in the year 2015. Neeraj Sharda graduated as Electrical Engineer from IIT Bombay and joined Tata Strategic Management Group, where he worked on multiple consulting projects across various sectors for 3 years. Post that he joined IIM Calcutta for its post graduate management program, where he learnt the intricacies of business problems. It is here, that he decided to fulfill his dream of being an entrepreneur and there was no looking back thereafter. His never ending endeavor to put his learning of providing strategic solutions through the years to his own business problems made him opt for the path breaking career. Sudhanshu Goyal who is Co-founder and CEO at Chikoop, is also a management graduate from IIM Calcutta. He has dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur since his late school years and has already served as CEO of a prominent manufacturing firm in steel coating at a very early age of 18. Sudhanshu is a strong believer that technology can potentially bring revolution in every walk of our lives and this very belief drives him to work day-in and day-out on solutions which many of us would discard as unfeasible in a minute.

Chikoop, which is supported by Brand Capital (the VC arm of India’s largest media house The Times of India) provides users with absolutely free calling without internet. Through its unique technology architecture, it provides the quality of telecom calls that too without any top-ups. No other advertising channel would pay you like Chikoop for listening to your favorite brand promotions. It also allows users to know more about the relevant products and deals & avail them through the platform. So users who cannot afford internet knowstartup-chikoop1on mobile need not worry, as they can now avail an offline & superior Whatsapp calling made free for them by the brands looking to market their offerings during these calls.

Chikoop’s telephony solution is headed by Mr. Uttam Pegu who has 15+ years of experience in voice telephony solutions. He is a veteran of the field and is the key architect of thee technology framework for free calling. Mr. Arihant along with his team from Wolabi is another major pillar for the startup and Mr. Arihant has been heading the website function for the firm and has been key to taking their idea to implementation. They have a two Member Executive Team leading the B2B and B2C marketing initiatives for the firm. They have recently added 8 interns from IIT Kharagpur to support their product development and marketing functions.

The USPs that the startup banks upon is free and good quality calls without internet is what they offer and hence is an offering relevant to almost anyone. While for brands advertising with Chikoop, we provide them with a targeted marketing solution with widest audience reach and real-time analytics support. There are already 15,000+ in-house users who have subscribed for free calling. And there are 9+ brands who are leveraging their unique audio marketing solution including leading and innovative solutions from well-known entrepreneurs from esteemed institutions including IITs and IIMs from sectors inclduing e-grocery, food-tech, payment solutions as some of them.

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