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A lot has been written about technology. Some call it a time –consuming distraction from life’s important tasks. But technology can make you better at what you do, schedule your tasks and give you reminders for these tasks. At Quikchex, we are always looking for new ways to make ourselves productive at work and here are 7 Apps we thought will help you be more efficient.


These are 7 must have Apps for a more productive day –

1. Inkflow

Inkflow is for the brainstorming ones out there. If you’re the one who gets ideas when you are travelling your way home or when you are at a restaurant with no pen or paper in sight, then this one’s for you. Inkflow helps you note things down or even re-imagine your ideas in a visual manner by sketching and drawing. You also create PDFs of the same and share with your colleagues right away. The only issue of the Inkflow is that it is only available on Apple stores but many alternative apps are available on Android.

2. Focus Booster

The biggest problem with us procrastinators is that we use our phones as a medium of distraction. We distract ourselves from work by checking a random WhatsApp message on a family group. We trick our minds to think that “I’m just checking that message because what if it’s a really important message” The Focus Booster app helps you focus on the task by locking your phone whenever you want to and for whatever time period . The Focus booster app is based on the Pomodoro technique which maintains sustainable and long term productivity.

Technology against technology FTW!

3. Tomighty

Tomighty like Focus Booster is a desktop timer and that alternates between 25 minutes of work and 5 to 10 minutes of breaks for better productivity. It’s similar to the Focus Booster app except that Tomighty is a desktop timer and is available on MAC & Windows

4. InstaPaper

The Internet is filled with good reads. There are great articles and blog-posts out there just waiting to be read when you are at work because procrastinating is human .You convince yourself if you don’t read the article right away you will lose them in your newsfeed among the various pictures your friends have been posting . Instapaper is the best app to cure procrastination. It saves articles or blog post to your account and can be read at a convenient time. Your Instapaper account can also be synced to all your devices so that you can read all of your articles on any devices.

5. Inshorts

Inshorts is the reason why they say age of the newspapers is gone. People prefer reading on their smartphones and to get instant news as soon as it happens. But more than just convenience, people now want news that is short, precise and free of personal opinions (Unlike some popular Indian Newspapers). Inshorts delivers news in less than 60 words with only essential facts and free of any kind of storytelling.

6. HP ePrint

All of us have wished for a printer that connects to your documents, photos and files on your phone and tablet. HP ePrint App makes it happen. You can wirelessly connect to printers and print documents, photos etc.

7. Cam Scanner

Camscanner lets you effortlessly scan your documents and convert into a PDF with just your phone. You get clear scanned copies of your documents on the go.

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